Sunday, January 23, 2011

Catching Up With Pictures

Kenna got to perform at Oklahoma City University for being 2nd Runner Up for State Youth Soloist.  We were very proud of her!!
We had our first dance injury, she was pretty pitiful.  She landed on her knee wrong and bruised up pretty bad but she was so proud of herself because she pushed through the pain (as Miss Darcy says) and finished the dance because it was parents night.  She has made a full recovery!!

We had lots of holiday crafts and parties.. With three kids, we are very busy during the holiday season but I love every minute of it..
My 32nd birthday was December 20th and I loved the cake that my mom and siter made me, I got to spend it with people I love and had a blast!!

And our wonderful family Christmas, I love the kids faces on this morning. I think I get more excited for them than they do..  Kenna got a vanity for her room, Jackson got his Cruncher the dinosaur, and Brody got his version of a little kid Nintendo DS  (Fisher Price IXL).  They got lots of other toys and clothes and overall had an amazing day with family. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Ten Wishes

May you know I'll love you forever
May you never give up
May you grow old with me
May your passion to help people never die
May your sense of humor stay the same
May your family always bring you joy
May you know you will always have my heart
May your eyes always look at me the way they do today
May you continue to realize all your dreams
May you know what a wonderful daddy you are to our babies

May your eyes tell a story as much as your words
May you NEVER stop dreaming
May you always be full of life
May you find your prince and he be like your dad
May we always remain close
May your beauty come from within
May you find your worth from God
May you always know I am your biggest fan
May you find true happiness
May you know I always love you

May your eyes always sparkle
May your love for God always grow
May you find pleasure in the little things
May you find a wife who loves you like I love your dad
May your heart remain as tender as it does today
May you always know how contagious your smile is
May you continue to research all your passions and continue to by my "little genius"
May you always know I am your biggest fan
May you continue to be a good big brother to Brody
May you know that I always love you

May you always have a bounce in your step
May you find true love like I have with your dad
May you follow all your dreams
May you know the joy it brings me when you look at me and say "your the greatest mommy ever"
May you always know you were my best surprise
May your life bless others
May you continue to always be curious and explore
May you know that I am your biggest fan
May you always be my baby
May you know that I always love you

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving & Holiday Decorating

I am so thankful that God chose me to their mommy!!
 I have so much to be thankful for this year.  My husband who is the my best friend and the best daddy ever, my three babies who bring so much joy to my life everyday, my siblings and nieces and nephews, and my wonderful friends who are always there whether I need a good laugh, a glass of wine, or a shoulder to cry on. 

Nothing like spending time with your cousins!
We spent Thanksgiving this year with my family at Mimi and Pops house.  I look forward to this meal every year because my Grandma's stuffing is my favorite food in the world, my mom makes it now and has mastered the secret recipe. I made potato casserole and green bean casserole and everything turned out perfect.  I love watching all the cousins run and play until they crash, this is what I looked forward to when I was younger-there is nothing like being with your family and playing with your cousins.  Those are some of my favorite memories growing up so I am glad my kids are close to their cousins and hope they will look back someday and cherish these moments.

Love decorating with my assistants, they make it so much more fun!

After we ate, we went home and I got ready to go on an all night shopping adventure with my mom, Lacy, Meredith, and Carrie Duncun for Black Friday.   We started at midnight and went out to the mall, Old Navy, and then back to Yukon for Target and Wal Mart.  I am not sure if I like getting up at 4 in the morning or going all night either way this is a day that I love because it is something I do with my mom and sisters every year and even with all the madness we always have fun. I was very tired when we got home at 8 in the morning but my hubby let me sleep until one and then I had leftovers for lunch and dinner.  We put our Christmas decor up or should I say I am still putting my Christmas decor up..haha..I am changing my theme this year and now I am wondering why I did this because I am having to go and buy more decor.  We are doing silver, turquoise, and cobalt blue.  It is so pretty but my old decor was green, red, and gold so I am decorating my kitchen in the reds.  I am sure it will all come together but I am getting a little stressed, wish I wasn't such a perfectionist, it would be easier.  Well off to try to finish my project....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Annual School Open House

Tonight we went and visited Kenna and Jackson's school for their annual Open House and Book Fair.
They both got a book from the book fair, Jackson got a dinosaur book and Kenna got Goldilicious.  They picked Brody out a Disney Cars Mater Tall Tales book, such a sweet kids.

Kenna and her turkey in disguise that she made.  She wanted to disguise it as a 1920's flapper, her turkey was very original.

We also found out that Kenna is the Student of the Day tomorrow.  Her classroom was very cute and she was so excited to share with us all the things she does throughout her day.

This was in Jackson's classroom and this is his leaf that he colored, he loves art.  We asked what his favorite center was and he told us anything that he could color or draw.

This is Brayden Jacoby and this Jackson's favorite friend at school. The funny thing is both of their daddy's went to school together, and their grandmothers are best friends.  Russell keeps saying "the Mocks and Jacobys" together again...Not sure if this is a good thing but these boys sure are sweet! 

Such a good night and loved getting to see what my babies are doing during the day when I am not with them.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Busy Weekend

We had a very busy weekend and I feel like it flew by.  Friday Kenna went to the Melting Pot to help Payton celebrate her 7th birthday and they had a blast.  These girls have been friends since they were two and have remained that way ever since, I love that they value their friendship and do not let time change that.  On Saturday we had to wake up at 6 a.m. and get the boys to Mimi & Pop's house and Russell, Kenna, and I had to be in Sapulpa for OSTDA by 9 a.m., poor kids they were so tired but such little troopers.  I got Kenna ready in the car (which was an experience), so we were ready to go when we got there.  She warmed up and she danced at 10:20 and did AMAZING as usual.  This was the first time Russell got to see her solo live since he didn't get to go to the OU competition and he and I were both more nervous than she was.  There were 12 girls in the youth category, which was a lot different than three in her category at OU where we knew she would definitely place.  We went and ate lunch and tried explaining to her that there were alot of good girls and they had been doing this longer so if she didn't place it was no big deal and we were so proud of her already.  She told us she would be upset if she didn't place because she would feel like the judges thought she wasn't very good, we tried explaining that the judges are just an opinion but she wasn't buying it.  At the awards I was so nervous, not because I cared if she placed but because I didn't want her heart broken or for her to ever feel like she wasn't good enough.  I prayed I had all the right words to say to make her feel better but as I am playing out the conversation in my head they announce the second state youth solo runner up from Dance Authority-Kenna Mock.  My heart dropped, I couldn't believe it. There were so many good girls that I knew since this was Kenna's first state competition and alot of the other girls had been competing for years that this was just good experience for her and then I was so proud when she placed.  I think she truly has a gift but I know I am a little bias :), but to see her face was worth everything.  She was the youngest that competed from our dance company so all the older girls made over her which she loved and I appreciated, this is why I love Dance Authority!! 

After we got home Saturday night we went to get the boys and Jackson ended staying the night with Luke and Kenna stayed with Mimi.  We took Brody home and were in bed by 10:30, it was a long wonderful day but I missed my boys terribly!!  On Sunday we had Payton's friend party at Rockzone, which is a rock climbing gym.  Kenna and Brody went and it took the first hour for Kenna to warm up and actually give it a try. She is so much like me, sometimes she lets her fear of failure get the best of her but I am doing everything I can to help her change that because I never want her to have that fear, it had kept me from so many things in my life.  But she did it and I was so proud to see her conquer that. 

Well now off to clean this house and start getting our Christmas decor up, I AM SO EXCITED and so are my babies!!!  Tis the season....

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Jackson lost his second tooth on Sunday, he pulled it out all by himself.   We are so glad because his permanent teeth we already growing in behind his baby teeth and when we took him to the dentist they said if they didn't fall out within a couple of months they would have to pull them.  Thank goodness both teeth fell out on their own and he looks so cute but so grown up. 

Excited about getting our Christmas family pictures done this weekend downtown!! Now off to shop for the finishing touches for our outfits..

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Festivities

I haven't been able to keep up with my blog with so much going on so I am going try and catch up. We didn't do alot on fall break, we went to the pumpkin patch and got pumpkins and I got to got to Affair of the Heart, while the kids hung out with daddy and play because it was raining.  We also went to the movies, it was a nice and quiet long weekend together.  Kenna had her Halloween party at dance and I made the girls a goody bag with a picture of their face and I made a witch hat and dress on them, these were a huge hit and I was so glad..We also had the school Halloween parties, this year I am Jackson's homeroom mom and the Kindergarten teachers at Skyview like you to have 4 to 5 centers planned for the kids to do so they always have 2 homeroom moms but on the Sunday before the party I called my co homeroom mom and she informed me at that time that she would not be able to help much.  I was a little stressed at first but all the other moms came to my rescue and I have a new co-homeroom mom who I am excited to work with.  In the end the party was a success, we decorated a pumpkin cookie, had a mummy wrap race, pin the nose on the pumpkin, played Halloween bingo, made a ghost sucker, and ate lots of sugary snacks with witch's brew punch.  Kenna is sad I am not her homeroom mom (and it doesn't help that Jackson reminds her often) but I got to go see her in her class so she was happy.  It was a great Halloween season, I can't believe October is over but I am ready for the Thanksgiving and Christmas!