Sunday, January 23, 2011

Catching Up With Pictures

Kenna got to perform at Oklahoma City University for being 2nd Runner Up for State Youth Soloist.  We were very proud of her!!
We had our first dance injury, she was pretty pitiful.  She landed on her knee wrong and bruised up pretty bad but she was so proud of herself because she pushed through the pain (as Miss Darcy says) and finished the dance because it was parents night.  She has made a full recovery!!

We had lots of holiday crafts and parties.. With three kids, we are very busy during the holiday season but I love every minute of it..
My 32nd birthday was December 20th and I loved the cake that my mom and siter made me, I got to spend it with people I love and had a blast!!

And our wonderful family Christmas, I love the kids faces on this morning. I think I get more excited for them than they do..  Kenna got a vanity for her room, Jackson got his Cruncher the dinosaur, and Brody got his version of a little kid Nintendo DS  (Fisher Price IXL).  They got lots of other toys and clothes and overall had an amazing day with family. 

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